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Pyzel Surfboards

Jon Pyzel made a permanent move to Oahu’s North Shore in 1992. He found work fixing dings at Country Surfboards. He soon connected with master shaper Jeff Bushman, who gave him guidance, input, and encouragement. Eventually, Jeff gave Jon a job as his back-shaper and that was the beginning of his shaping career.

A defining moment came a few years later, in 1998. Alex Florence approached Jon about making a board for her oldest son John John, who was 5 at the time. From there forward, Jon and John John worked together to redefine what was possible for Grom surfing. Fast forward almost 20 years and John John Florence is the 2016 and 2017 World Champ, widely considered the best surfer alive, all while riding Pyzel surfboards.

Today Pyzel Surfboards has grown to be an international business, but is still run by the family. But Pyzel didn’t start this all to become a giant company, putting out as many „units“ as we could, we started it because we love surfing and everything that goes with that – travel to new lands, great friendships, adventure. But most of all we started this because we love surfboards!

Surfboard Talk

Watch John John Florence and Jon Pyzel talking their latest Surfboard Designs Ghost and Shadow.

Not exactly the same waves as in the north sea, but some good insight.

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