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Surfboard Surfbrett Shaper Marcos Mota

Shaper Profile

  • Name: Marcos (Vinicius de Oliveira) Mota
  • Date of birth: 23/05/1977
  • Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Started surfing in 1989
  • Brand: Mota Surfboards (former Aircraft Surfboards)


Surfboard Surfbrett Shaper Marcos Mota in Brasil

In 2005 Mota started his first brand Aircraft Surfboards in Rio de Janeiro.

In the following years Mota has been actively part of the Brazilian Storm as a shaper for many pro athletes, such as Filipe Toledo, João Chianca, Lucas Chianca, Michael Rodrigues, Leonardo «Léo» Neves, Diego Santos, Halley Batista, Weslley Dantas, Junior Lagosta, Saulo Júnior, David Silva, Marcos Monteiro, Valentin Neves, Marcelo Bispo….

After 14 years Marcos Mota left Brazil to discover new opportunities. He moved to Europe, where he has been building boards for the top international brands: Al Merrick / Channel Islands, …Lost! / Mayhem, Chris Christensen, Bob Mctavish, and Pukas.

In 2020 he moved to Denmark to marry his danish girlfriend and to raise his new son Logan. Now living in Klitmøller, he is establishing his brand Mota Surfboards as the first pro-shaper ever based in the country. He builds Surfboard „Made in Denmark“ with the focus on hand shaping, sustainability and highest quality.

Mota also started to take care of young danish surf athletes, their surfboards and training, with the goal of helping Danish surfing to reach a higher and professional level.

Brazilian Storm

Mota has been actively part of the Brazilian storm – „a movement of brazilian Surfers and Shapers that nowadays takes over the WSL World Tour and Surf Scene“. He started working with numerous nowadays popular surfers back in his factory in Rio de Janeiro.


Now Marcos Mota is working on developing the best possible models to surf in the North Sea! That means classic Single Fin Longboards and some nice twins and fishes.

After moving to Denmark Mota also stepped up his game on sustainability:

Mota Surfboards now uses 100% renewable energy in the production of every Surfboard made in Denmark, and also offers materials with green properties like Greenpoxy and upcycled/recyclable EPS.

Mota is also open to make boards for every surfer in every level, with the goal of improving each surfer’s experience in the water, as the first professional shaper making boards in the region.

Enjoy this opportunity and start your request below!

Surfboard Surfbrett Shaper Marcos Mota

Request your custom Surfboard from Mota

Please fill out the following form and send us your request for a custom surfboard hand made by Marcos Mota.

Afterwards Mota will get in touch with you to get your new surfboard perfectly defined for your individual surfing.

Let’s get started with your new Surfboard!

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